Free Minecraft Account and Password | Minecraft Java Edition In 2022

Do you want a Free Minecraft Account and Password? If yes, you are landed in the right place. In this article, we provide Free Premium Minecraft Accounts, How to create, How to log in, and more!

Minecraft is one of the best games in the world and best selling game of all time. It was developed and published by Mojang Studio on 18 November 2011. You can play Minecraft on different platforms like Mobile, XBOX, PlayStation, and Windows.

On the Internet many Minecraft free accounts are available but all those accounts are created automatically. In GamerGorilla, We are providing 100% working Minecraft account for PC, Mobile, and Gaming Console.

Note: All these accounts are safe and secure. Please do not change the password of this account if you log in with it. This is my humble request. Thanks😊

Why Gamers Want Free Minecraft Account

If you are playing Minecraft regular basis then you know it’s a paid game. Many poor gamers are unable to afford a Premium Minecraft Account. In this case, we are giving Free Minecraft ID and Passwords. You only need to download the Minecraft game on his official website and log in with the account mentioned below. You do not need to spend a single amount of money.

Free Minecraft Account and Password

Below, The list of Minecraft Accounts Gmail IDs, and Passwords are the latest updated and working. All these accounts are free you can pick any id and password and log in to your Minecraft Game.

The account has been created by those who actually need a Free Minecraft account. So if you don’t need one, please give another gamer a chance. Share this article with your Minecraft partner so they can get a free account as well.

Note: If you are late in visiting our website and their accounts have already been grepped (some gamers change account passwords) so don’t worry, we are updated every morning at 9:00 a.m.

Minecraft Email ID Passwords
[email protected] lvHvBUG3
[email protected] Zd2zhfDi
[email protected] Iv6aiRk9
 [email protected] IR9iwTsg
[email protected] TMxnC7ha
[email protected] Z7Kf8s1T
[email protected] 1JdI3yl0
[email protected] tLkobZQY
[email protected] FHYehrkB
[email protected] kgC1lEhA

Minecraft Java Edition Free Accounts in 2022

If you want to buy Minecraft Java Edition, there are four different premium pricing options. Personally, I like this plan because it allows you to play Minecraft with up to ten different people at a time.

minecraft java edition price

The easiest way to pay: the subscription is automatically extended each month but can be canceled at any time. It’s 20% cheaper than manually buying a 30-day subscription each month.


$9.99/30 Days
This subscription expires after 30 days, so you’ll need to log in and pay again if you want to extend your subscription. However, it’s the most expensive way to pay for a Realm.


$26.99/90 Days
This subscription expires after 90 days but can be manually extended if you log-in and pay again. It’s 10% cheaper than manually buying a 30-day subscription each month.


$47.99/180 Days
This subscription expires after 180 days but can be manually extended if you log in and pay again. It’s 20% cheaper than manually buying a 30-day subscription each month.


Currently, the Minecraft Java edition is popular all over the world. If you have a powerful CPU and GPU you can try this game. Also, we provide Free Minecraft Java Edition Accounts and Passwords so you can play the game for free.

Minecraft Java Edition Account Free  Passwords
[email protected] R875S5ZhI
[email protected] et438jySM
[email protected] hgpwB1lB9
[email protected] Cs1ZU5ikS
[email protected] 5uTADGZQp

Free Minecraft Account For PC (Window/Mac)

Many poor gamers cant afford expensive gaming consoles and buy Minecraft games. So, Don’t worry below the Minecraft Account and Password you can log in to your Windows as well as Mac PC.

According to data 60% of Minecraft gamers age between 16 to 25 years old. I know that your 20s gamers don’t have enough money to buy games. However, We are provided a Premium Minecraft Account and Password so you can log in to your Windows and Mac PC.

Minecraft Account For PC (Mac & Windows) Passwords
[email protected] W8VpX4n5a
[email protected] 7YMx5mKiL
[email protected] rqI3ylJMT
[email protected] Hg42JdsJ7
[email protected] YzP5QyfRm
[email protected] bEozv7rhd
[email protected] PvpggDLCG

Free Minecraft Accounts For PS4, XBOX, & Gaming Console

If you play Minecraft on a gaming console, you know that the best experience to play Minecraft is on a PS4, XBOX, and so on… Please leave a comment below mentioning the gaming console you use to play Minecraft so that other Minecraft players can try it out.

All of the Minecraft accounts and passwords listed below are only valid for use on all game consoles. Do not attempt to log in via PC, Mac, and Mobile.

Minecraft Account For PC (Mac & Windows) Passwords
[email protected] W8VpX4n5a
[email protected] 7YMx5mKiL
[email protected] rqI3ylJMT
[email protected] Hg42JdsJ7
[email protected] YzP5QyfRm
[email protected] bEozv7rhd
[email protected] PvpggDLCG

Free Minecraft ID and Passwords For Android & iOS

Many gamers commented to me for providing Mobile Minecraft accounts. So, here we give you iOS and Android both devices Free accounts. Share with your family and friend they can also play Minecraft on Mobile (iOS & Android).

How to Create Minecraft Account

Minecraft and Microsoft are both ties up so you must first create a Microsoft account before creating a Minecraft account. This is only one way to create a new Minecraft account. When you use a Microsoft account to log in to your Minecraft account, you may receive an https aka ms remoteconnect error.

Simply follow the below steps so you can create easily a new Minecraft account.

Microsoft account create

  • When you’ve opened the website, enter all of your information, including your name, phone number, and email address.
  • Next, Open Minecraft’s official website ( and click on log in with your Microsoft account.

Minecraft account login

  • You may also log in manually by opening the Minecraft website and clicking on the sign-up button, then enter all of your information such as your email address, name, and so on.
  • Check your email and you should be able to see the verification email shared by Minecraft. Click the link to confirm your email address.
  • Your Minecraft Account is ready to use. Enjoy 🙂

FAQs About Free Minecraft Account

How I can get Free Premium Minecraft Account?

Ans. If you genuinely need a Free Minecraft Account visit the GamerzGorilla website regularly. Here we are providing a 100% working account for PC, Mobile, and Gaming Console.

So many websites provide and generate Free Minecraft accounts but most of the websites provide dummy accounts.

How to Download a Free Minecraft?

Ans. We all know Minecraft is a paid game, but if you want a free download, click the “Download” button. This is an official Minecraft website that is safe to use.

If you have any questions about the Free Minecraft account and Password, please leave them in the comments section. We are always happy to help.

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